Wife Interested in Another Man

Question: How Can I Win My Wife Back?[ wife interested in another man ]
"My wife is interested in another man. I have tried to find why she is not interested in me. What should I do to win her back?"

Answer: There is no easy answer to your question without knowing the details of your relationship. So let me speak in general terms—-which may or may not apply to your specific situation.

Women are designed to respond to their husbands. Very often when a woman becomes emotionally involved with another man, it is because her needs are not being met by her husband, and she is trying to get them filled elsewhere. If this is the case, you must have an open conversation with your wife about this.

By the time your wife is influenced by another man, a lot of relational damage has already been done. It is necessary for you and your wife to agree to find help or counseling. There is hope for your marriage—but you need to be committed to the relationship, and to meeting your wife’s needs.

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